So whilst watching the Monsters In The Attic get interviewed, I was caught off guard when NotSigned.tv decided to ask me to get in front of the camera. Crikey!

NotSigned.tv┬áis a relatively new website with resources, music industry news and high quality interviews with various unsigned artists who are making a name for themselves. Its great to see an initiative like this really cutting through the mystiqueand showing different act’s journeys across different genres, strategies and ambitions. There’s a lot than can be learned from other people.

As for my interview it was a chance to show artists how myself and other manager operate in the current market. Hopefully it helps other aspiring bands understand that getting in bed with a company shouldn’t be their only focus. My friend Matt Steven’s puts it rather bluntly in his blog, when he says that

‘if you tell them the truth - thats its about gradual growth, hard work and lots of little breaks they don’t want to believe you.’

I feel that anyone serious about making a career in music can’t have their head in the sand about this current climate. Surely with all the direct-to-fan tools and easy DIY set-up online and the real world, wouldn’t bands seeking success immediately go for these instead of waiting for some record company type to show up at a gig? Surely creating your own future is a lot more fun than one being handed to you?

Time shall tell as we hopefully watch the first wave of post-MySpace internet stars launch themselves to the public eye by themselves.



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