Darko release Atlas To Atlantis Music Video

Straight from the Surrey ghetto of Guildford, Darko’s new tongue-in-cheek music video shows the reality of life on its mean streets.

….. But on a serous note.

Atlas To Atlantis is the first single taken from the 2014 EP ‘Sea Of Trees’.

Released by Lockjaw Records (UK), Bird Attack Records (USA), No Reason Records (Italy) and Giljotina (Slov.), on the 8th September.

Atlas To Atlantis - Produced and Edited By Chris Coulter + Editing By Doug Grant at Homeless Music.

Video shot and Edited by Ben Pollard at Livid Productions.


Darko go Seaward

The Darko lads are in the studio writing faster and tastier tracks for their new EP, due out this summer. To celebrate the fact, Darko have released a brand new single ‘Seward’, free to download, along with a video.

Enjoy and fasten your seat belts.

Download Free Track Here


DARKO joins Onslaught Music

Introducing DARKO to our management roster. We’ve been loving this Melodic Hardcore band for quite sometime, and they will be delivering a blisteringly fast and charged EP later this year. Signed to Lockjaw Records, this Guildford band will be headlining some festivals this year touring the UK. We’ll be announcing dates and release EP news soon.

Check out their video for ‘Chewbacca Defense’, from their last release ‘From Trust To Conformity’.



New Website, New Band, New News

It’s always good to get a make over, especially when you have got some great news. Well, let’s just start with introducing the new look..

We’ve had a redesign and now you can check out the following:

  • Music Player (past & present bands)
  • New Store
  • New Merch Store

It’s slick, its fun, and we’d like you to follow us on our a journey. So hit the follow button or signup to our mailing list to keep up with what we are doing.


So whilst watching the Monsters In The Attic get interviewed, I was caught off guard when NotSigned.tv decided to ask me to get in front of the camera. Crikey!

NotSigned.tv is a relatively new website with resources, music industry news and high quality interviews with various unsigned artists who are making a name for themselves. Its great to see an initiative like this really cutting through the mystiqueand showing different act’s journeys across different genres, strategies and ambitions. There’s a lot than can be learned from other people.

As for my interview it was a chance to show artists how myself and other manager operate in the current market. Hopefully it helps other aspiring bands understand that getting in bed with a company shouldn’t be their only focus. My friend Matt Steven’s puts it rather bluntly in his blog, when he says that

‘if you tell them the truth - thats its about gradual growth, hard work and lots of little breaks they don’t want to believe you.’

I feel that anyone serious about making a career in music can’t have their head in the sand about this current climate. Surely with all the direct-to-fan tools and easy DIY set-up online and the real world, wouldn’t bands seeking success immediately go for these instead of waiting for some record company type to show up at a gig? Surely creating your own future is a lot more fun than one being handed to you?

Time shall tell as we hopefully watch the first wave of post-MySpace internet stars launch themselves to the public eye by themselves.



Onslaught Music is a London-based Music Services company, set up in 2004, that offers a range of music services, consultancy & marketing strategies to artists, musicians, labels, businesses and other organisations.


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